Monday, 20 March 2017

Industrial Cable glands Buying Guide

What is Cable Gland:
Cable Gland is a module that secures the connection between the end of the cable and the equipment.
This module is constructed from Metal or Non-Metallic material like Polyamides.
Why Cable Glands are used:
A Cable gland provides protection against dust and moisture.
Cable glands provide resistance while pulling cables.
Cable glands are used on cables such as electrical power, instrumentation, data and telecommunications.
Where to Buy:
Cable glands are manufactured by many Manufacturers one such example is Geissel GmbH. Geissel GmbH manufacturers
  • Cable Glands of all sizes: up to cable-Ø 116 mm
  • Cable Glands of all threads: Pg, metric, BSP, BSC, NPT
  • Cable Glands of all materials: brass, polyamide, stainless steel.
Cable glands are available on Commerce websites of Electronic Component Distributor like:

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